How do you repurpose virtual event content?

Share with us how you are how reusing your “virtual event” content after the event is done.

We create teaser video from the webinar and we use the chat content as well as some part of the speeches to drive social activities.

We use the video as part of our nurture sequence. We sometimes use the full video or just parts of the video.

We use the questions from events to serve as FAQs for other webinars, events, or landing pages or use them as a guideline for creating new emails.

I announce an easy place to go to find links to all our past webcasts. It’s surprising how many people watch webcasts from two years ago! Mine seem to age well because they are related to books. Some wouldn’t age well if they are related to a product that might have upgrades etc.

Right now we take the video and post it on our different relevant portals and lead-enable it.

Our post-event promotion uses both that link and the On24 link depending on the timing.

With some bigger or on events with high profile people we will clip the events into each individual question or section and then promote and lead-enable those videos individually.

We promote webinar recordings to other regions since it’s not always convenient to join live but we have a global audience. We have an events page for all webinars and we send out emails and do social media posts.

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We reuse the content in nurture programs and on-demand content.

We promote our keynote presentations on social media and we use videos or just great quotes from the presenters to promote our customer-facing virtual event:

We also promote our on-demand virtual event in every single live webinar we are doing, and we are getting great on-demand views of our virtual events. We are simply adding our virtual event’s URL as a resource in the “Resource Widget” for all of our upcoming live webinars.

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We have plans to use them in automated programs, but for now we have our own content hub for people to binge learn, and reoccurring calendar events.

We transcribe a lot of our sessions and turn them into blog posts, we pull sound bytes for promotional content/videos, and we share our on-demand sessions in a virtual library that we continually promote.

We do a bit of the opposite, we make sure our webinars can easily be customised into content for events. We customize the console and intro. A relevant example is a a Halloween Theme, but after the intro all of the audio/video is “generic” and we cut the archive and use it later, so no where a presenter is presenting it speaks to “October”. It works the same for our events and live sessions. Also we try to keep our slides On Brand not event Branded.

do you have screenshot examples?

We do blog post sand magazine articles. Use audio for podcasts, after cutting things like the Q & A and intro. We use the slide and audio option for videocasts.

Hi Ed, I don’t have any screenshots but I use the archive that is created and edit that, you are able to trim the start and ends easily in Webcast Elite.

We use a training for a product that is the same exact one that we use every month.

I’m glad I found this topic, using content in a blog post is a great idea or perhaps even smaller “bites” on social media platforms. This is something to consider for sure.